My Art Show Weekend: May 13th – 15th

Announcement: 🎨I will be the featured artist for the weekend of Fri. May 13th, Sat. May 14th, and Sun. May 15th where some of my original paintings, a selection of my recent work, will be on display at The Artist’s Studio and Gallery in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Each painting of mine will be available to purchase…… Continue reading My Art Show Weekend: May 13th – 15th

“Sky Reflections upon the Small Lake”

“Sky Reflections upon the Small Lake” acrylic painting, 12 W x 9 L on wrapped canvas, Feb. 28, 2022. Jade Nicole Beals … I will be showing my art during the weekend of May 13th – 15th, 2022 at The Gallery at Patriot’s Place in Foxboro, MA. My original paintings will be on display available…… Continue reading “Sky Reflections upon the Small Lake”

In Rhythm

“In Rhythm” by Jade Nicole Beals Feb. 16, ’22 28 W x 22 H acrylic paint on canvas I’d declared this painting done last week but realized afterwards I wanted to rework it with some final touches…which became to revitalize it…and soon I found I was painting a very warm welcome, with excitement, and light…… Continue reading In Rhythm

Growing Upward

“Growing Upward” ~ Jade Nicole Beals Jan. 18, 2022 12 W x 9 H Two recent paintings shown together: ”Mornings at the Sea” (top) and ”Growing Upward” (bottom), both 12 W x 9 H Painting and collecting my original art to display and sell in person in southeastern Massachusetts. —Jade

Carnations The Wind Carries

My latest painting’s complete! A vague idea months ago came to mind as I was painting…of a great wind bringing something beautiful and delicate along with it. I’d started this anew recently and painted in the main subject, along with the long, fanlike green strands of grass I’d drawn in a recent sketch, as I…… Continue reading Carnations The Wind Carries

My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

The still life painting, “Jasmine and Jewels” I completed, I’d been working on around the time of the medieval poet, Rumi’s birthday at the end of September from a sketch I’d drawn maybe weeks before. I’d shared a couple of favorite poems Rumi had written near his birthday, Sept. 30th ’21, and the first one…… Continue reading My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

The Storm That Shook Me

“The Storm That Shook Me” …the excitement of a powerful storm that comes unexpectedly and invigorates your life. 20 W x 16 L Abstract acrylic paint on canvas.

Healing, My Personal Story

“Lighthouse” painting by me 2013 Nov. 23, 2020 If you’ve been reading this blog this year, you might have seen me mention my own healing early spring this year and might have wondered from what I had found healing and what had helped me heal. I want to share this story because maybe you’ve had…… Continue reading Healing, My Personal Story