Such a Serenade

Fri., Dec. 10 ’21: featured post as Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon all align this evening; I added a little to the end as well. * Dec. 5 ’21 …Sitting in the lamplit little library corner in the night; this sweet red chair for someone small like me from the past and how the…… Continue reading Such a Serenade

After Poetry, A Portrait

Left to right: Ann (my mom’s bestie), My mom, and me in Massachusetts Conversations of coconut oil, free library cabinets, yoga, French breaded desserts, Italian restaurants and friendly waiters, a great aunt’s tea cups coming out of storage for display, and types of meditation. * Earlier: Finding Things You Already Had, With A Runaway Sonnet:…… Continue reading After Poetry, A Portrait

My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

…From Brooklyn, New York, our ‘hometown’…to me in Massachusetts. 🍁🌳🍂We had lunch together and took photos inside while it was raining. “That is the look of a gentleman who should run his own art gallery,” I said, (snapping photo.) Peeko was glad to see his grandma again in person and had come nearer to greet…… Continue reading My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

What The Critics Said and What That Might Mean To You: Rumi

Ah, refreshment, and fixings. 😊And then comes a pause for reflection… It’s a Libra moon currently 🌒and so I will start with the section I wrote about Rumi, and who was also chronologically the first poet discovered by me of these. From medieval Persia born in the 13th century, September 30, 1207, and best-selling poet…… Continue reading What The Critics Said and What That Might Mean To You: Rumi

Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

These are photos of her from these recent months. You might have met my mom first in my poetry—No, she wasn’t the mom in ‘A Daughter Says’ in Moonflower (2018), that poem’s situation was fictional, but she was very featured in ‘Renaissance’, the opening poem in my latest poetry book, published this Mar. 2021 A…… Continue reading Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose