The Waves Rolled In…

This picture shows the copy I got from the library but it is on my wishlist as a book to keep. “The waves rolled in…and now come rushing in…with water luminescent as sea glass, stirring the far off, softest sand and what lies in between…”  This is not a quote from the book, but the start…… Continue reading The Waves Rolled In…

Hi From The Library

Hi from the library. I have this book that was ready today and one I had planned to read and yet don’t exactly remember requesting from the library, but I know I wasn’t “sleep booking.”;)  See “Sleep Blogging, Sleep Talking.”Back to reading… Things that are free: the library, touch, the sky, the moon, the sun,…… Continue reading Hi From The Library

Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze

it is the breeze is ita breath out i slipped out of the pose put me backit is the breeze is itit is sweet i know itwell I’m not actually levitating!Sunlit YogaIf you fall out of a pose, you can come into a new one. This is a video demonstration of that, even if I didn’t…… Continue reading Sunlight and The Not Too Cold Breeze

Happy 10th Anniversary to Blush of Dawn!

Photo of a wildflower I took this summer at Cape CodTen years ago today I wrote my first post on this blog Blush of Dawn. I put the date in my calendar after I had returned to the blog this year and had revisited the first post. Here is that post written on December 3, 2010:Nighttime in…… Continue reading Happy 10th Anniversary to Blush of Dawn!