This Ring

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring

A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

Featured again today on the blog with affection💕🙏… for May Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 after her first poetry book, Dream Flowers May Ziadeh writes: “I hope that after my death someone will do justice to me and extract from my small writings the truthfulness and sincerity it contains!!” b. Feb. 11, 1886 – d. Oct.…… Continue reading A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

Currently Untitled

I began this poem last night, Tuesday and wrote a full draft this morning. I hadn’t picked a traditional form to try to write in, but some end line repetitions and couplets with some internal rhyme reminded me of a ghazal poem. It is currently untitled and also still a draft I am working on…this…… Continue reading Currently Untitled

With “A Place to Meet Sea and Foam”

This is post #2 for today. The first one was “Beginnings With Long Ago Cereal and Yoga.” I planned to read a lot of poetry. But then the snow began to fall and changed my desire. I made tea. I brought the letter I received yesterday from my friend Kira to the table— it is…… Continue reading With “A Place to Meet Sea and Foam”

“The Dance” Poem in Print Online

The Cole Resource Center in Belmont, MA, a non-profit community organization that supports mental health and wellness has published a poem of mine in their email newsletter this month and last. Last month’s poem was “Portrait of a Leaf,” first published in Moonflower. Here is the link to this month’s new poem which was sent out…… Continue reading “The Dance” Poem in Print Online

Moonflower, A Book of Poems is Published

  Moonflower is a selection of poems written throughout different periods of my life that presents the good and beautiful in a variety of life’s experiences. It is filled with vivid scenes from the natural world as well as epiphanies that arose during introspective reflection. In Moonflower, you’ll find meditations on faith along with romantic…… Continue reading Moonflower, A Book of Poems is Published

Offering Poem

Here’s a poem I wrote for Big Tent Poetry using a few of their given words and a variation of a given phrase. * “Our poor heart, with all its ragged edges, is in its very poverty the place God’s presence is perfectly manifested in the world.”- James Finley * Offering be with me jesus…… Continue reading Offering Poem


1. Wind There was a wind. Trash can covers in front of the house rattled against the gravel a blouse swung on the loose clothesline and the moon gleamed like a pearl ceramic bowl on a long table set for one. Clumsily, she held the iron, which she pressed against a wrinkled blouse and stood…… Continue reading Silhouettes

Three Small Stones

As I have not included a photo today, please allow your imaginations create appropriate illustrations for this post. _ #1 Dripping green catkins on the hornbeam tree.  Damp, heavy soil smell.  I peer into the curious light of the young catkins.  Sneakers slosh each ardent step down the hill.  I lift my chin: the hornbeam…… Continue reading Three Small Stones