After Pistachio, A Silent Film

I now present you with my silent film, in the moment written, directed & starred by me—‘After Pistachio.’ And you can mute it if you wish for extra peacefulness. 😊 🙏😊💗

A Place Where Art Is Welcome And Home To A Cat To Critique It

This is a cat who dreams Peeko enjoys critiquing fine art, poetry, and music. He has consistently approved of the poets Edna St. Vincent Millay and Rumi, but only if Rumi’s poetry is translated into Shakespearean English, otherwise he’s not having it. He’s also been very fond of Virginia Woolf.  I hadn’t painted since before…… Continue reading A Place Where Art Is Welcome And Home To A Cat To Critique It

To Brighten Things Wherever

After all the work I did (while seated) on my poetry book yesterday, I welcome yoga today.This pose is called “Compass,” a new one I am practicing. I have a ways to go. Yet it is still good like this.I am sharing a few more joyful things here:Three More JoysSee you again soon 🙂

The Little Joys Tonight

Last post to call it a night. I just wanted to share some happy things in between cooking and waiting for some food to steam.The Little Joys Tonight  Last night, before bed, my lamp turned back on again. Hey, Rumi, maybe I have an angel here too?