A Real Rest Begins…After These Photos

Let the rest for readers (and me) begin at last… But first, a few more from my photo series, ‘Not My Door.’ Not My Door But I Got My Keys Not My Door But I Got Here Anyway 🧚‍♀️ Not My Door But I Brought You My Junk Mail 😊🙏🧚‍♀️ 1…2…3…Watch me go! Be Back…… Continue reading A Real Rest Begins…After These Photos

A Morning So New

Here in my new spot to sit with tea in the living room on a morning with sun—tilt the chair beside the window, set down the cup upon the tea towel on the side table and be in the light. It’s a very sleepy morning, but a beautiful one anyway. The sky, how it looked…… Continue reading A Morning So New

Not My Door

Out for a late Friday afternoon walk with my party playlist. And there might be a flow of Nicki ‘Barbia’ Minaj and then Britney. 💃🔥🎶 And my spontaneous theme: (Find a clear spot for)… Not My Door. 📷🎉😊 * And now actually begins that rest I’d offered you… 🧚‍♀️ * Today’s earlier posts: Galilean Lullaby…… Continue reading Not My Door