a recent photo luxuriously flaunting his longness… Peeko knew it was his birthday today as soon as dawn’s waking, he ran! into the bedroom (instead of walking) as I was awakening and looked up at me with great attention and excitement, and with a hint of baby sweetness, and then he leapt onto the new…… Continue reading 7!

Rippling On

Peeko looking happy and relaxed since I brought the plants inside this morning, and I could see that they were shivering when I greeted them ready for the day, and thought that they would feel good inside too and can stay indoors at home through the cold. Intuitively smart and appreciative of this nature, he…… Continue reading Rippling On

Halloween on The “Blush of Dawn” Boat

https://videopress.com/v/fTQg3F00?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata The secret to the kicks? The picture on the package of the wig was just perfect, with purple but also some bright blush, fitting the costume idea, and when I opened it up and put it on—There was no blush! * Earlier today: The Latest Draft of My Sonnet Is Being Guarded with Seriousness

A Sweet, Refreshing Beginning…

The literary salon begins with some blush… Yesterday afternoon, ‘Rumi’ black tea in a glass with a splash of almond milk. Autumn begins tomorrow…🍂😊 I send you my morning wishes and return to the salon with a cup of green tea and glimpsing the sky between sips as its colors lighten and merge… * Today…… Continue reading A Sweet, Refreshing Beginning…

Tuesday At The Literary Salon, May’s House

Were they drinking rose syrup in their coffee at those literary gatherings, maybe in Egypt, or was it a choice between rose syrup and coffee? Well, this is a question I wondered and typed into the search. I think some people might have chosen coffee and maybe put rose syrup in theirs too. It is…… Continue reading Tuesday At The Literary Salon, May’s House


This post has been updated on 5/31/21: This poem was tagged as being by May Ziadeh, but like a lot of poems from the past that have been translated, there can be misinformation and sometimes the wrong author is credited. Since I’ve gotten pretty far into May’s first book of poems Dream Flowers, I decided to do…… Continue reading Mirrors

The Waves Rolled In…

This picture shows the copy I got from the library but it is on my wishlist as a book to keep. “The waves rolled in…and now come rushing in…with water luminescent as sea glass, stirring the far off, softest sand and what lies in between…”  This is not a quote from the book, but the start…… Continue reading The Waves Rolled In…

“Deep Blue”

A great stormy…starlit…cloudy sky…oceanside song, “Deep Blue” featuring the singer-songwriter, Lisa Hannigan I have mentioned. I took a double take when I saw the moon through the window; it has been awhile, and then it retreated again behind a soft cloud.(I also want to mention this blog is searchable if you want to find posts with…… Continue reading “Deep Blue”

Summer Drifts In

I will hold all the wonder close to my heart, listen close to my ears, warm this winter body with sunlight, I can do winter, can be well in winter, can like the cold waterfall air, place the cuff of my sleeve to my nose a moment when air is deadly cold and dry, and…… Continue reading Summer Drifts In