All Day Library Day

After lunch, I packed a bag, my purse, and canteen, and camped out at the library all day (it was a great time!) while construction was being done admirably at the apartment. 🙏💕Peeko’s been having the best time himself at home as he enjoys hands on projects and broadening his skillset. 🐱 I checked on…… Continue reading All Day Library Day

A New Painting in the Making

(That you will hear of, not see in this particular post 🤫😊) I had forgotten to tell you, had only just hinted at…what my new leaf of choice to chew was: it’s parsley! 🌿😊And that discovery was such a relief and refreshment. I like chewing it more than basil and like the taste better for…… Continue reading A New Painting in the Making

A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

One new photo added Mon., Nov. 22This bedroom in progress has new recent changes shown today as it is becoming its fullest meditative sanctuary. There are books shown on the shelves you’ve not heard of yet and ones I’ve not read yet myself. And personal decorations, such as Dan’s father’s mother, Grammie’s corn husk dolls…… Continue reading A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News :)

I came back home late afternoon yesterday (Mon.) Peeko this morning, after requesting his read earlier than usual, heard a favorite poem he likes to replay, “The Bean-Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. He sat like a hen as he listened to it, this photo above snapped just as he reclined relaxed afterwards, and I…… Continue reading Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News 🙂

A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration

This blog, Blush of Dawn’s ”original re-start up poet,” Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maine, New England-born author, b. Feb. 22, 1892 celebrates a Pisces moon today! (And I, too share this remembered moon.) 🌜 Just in time as the moon will soon move to Aries, I will share a favorite poem of hers from ones…… Continue reading A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration


a recent photo luxuriously flaunting his longness… Peeko knew it was his birthday today as soon as dawn’s waking, he ran! into the bedroom (instead of walking) as I was awakening and looked up at me with great attention and excitement, and with a hint of baby sweetness, and then he leapt onto the new…… Continue reading 7!

Rippling On

Peeko looking happy and relaxed since I brought the plants inside this morning, and I could see that they were shivering when I greeted them ready for the day, and thought that they would feel good inside too and can stay indoors at home through the cold. Intuitively smart and appreciative of this nature, he…… Continue reading Rippling On

“Sign Language” Remix!

Peeko’s new favorite song release…for his own bowl bed of choice seated performance ((& if you wonder what the blog’s about…)) We got poets, cups, windows, glasses, tea pots, lamps, moons, sky-watchings. Sonnets, plums, darkness, soups, low profile chairs, highly affectionate heavenly ghosts. Flower surprise growing up in the dirt, chocolate dark as earth,…… Continue reading “Sign Language” Remix!

The Excitement of Things You Already Have: #3 Space and Simplicity

Emptied big container that I didn’t need there…felt the lift of a burden, the space open and air flow. Added many cans to my pantry and packed two durable bags ready for donation drive. Wiped away tiny white paint splatters from a past paint session easily off the floor, came off with water, can also…… Continue reading The Excitement of Things You Already Have: #3 Space and Simplicity

The Latest Draft of My Sonnet Is Being Guarded with Seriousness

I made a cup of afternoon tea and wanted to also read the fourth draft of my new sonnet in progress. I quickly found the first three drafts loose…and my most current one, not so free! But definitely not lost and definitely not ‘run away.’ This lyon is guarding it for me, and I look…… Continue reading The Latest Draft of My Sonnet Is Being Guarded with Seriousness

Finding Things You Already Had, A Runaway Sonnet: #2

It looks like a large, elegant old book, and it opens up for storage. I’ve started writing a new poem yesterday. Peeko loves to be a part of the creative process…Is that a hen, you may wonder? And now Peeko has a pen and his own separate page. As I began writing by hand, I’d…… Continue reading Finding Things You Already Had, A Runaway Sonnet: #2

My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

…From Brooklyn, New York, our ‘hometown’…to me in Massachusetts. 🍁🌳🍂We had lunch together and took photos inside while it was raining. “That is the look of a gentleman who should run his own art gallery,” I said, (snapping photo.) Peeko was glad to see his grandma again in person and had come nearer to greet…… Continue reading My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

Your Sunday Picture Book

Mid-morning after we woke, Peeko was napping contentedly on the bed at sunrise. Here he was lounging just across from my living room chair facing where I would sit a few moments before I did (and where he doesn’t usually sit) and I knelt to take this photo of him at eye level before I…… Continue reading Your Sunday Picture Book

Peeko’s “Troix Romances Without Words,” Wellness, and My Listenings

I am off social media for a little time and ease into my projects with plenty of rest…there are post ideas piled up yet saved to come, a second post to the “What The Critics Said” series, autumn trees close to photoing, could be me too, and more. I painted this morning and the painting…… Continue reading Peeko’s “Troix Romances Without Words,” Wellness, and My Listenings

Peeko’s Own Post on His Moon

Peeko has a moon of his own in Scorpio, and he may also know it. He prefers to represent himself by himself, yet I will tell the back story. A package note implementation of policy for residents was in my email the other day in which I found amusing this politely toned warning (and the…… Continue reading Peeko’s Own Post on His Moon

In Which I Actually Answer A Question or Two

from 10/5/21 Bringing lost posts back out of revision This Sunday evening before bed, Peeko looking at me, noting I look well, paw reaching with compassion, his job accomplished! Have you heard of Japan’s ’lucky cat’ figurines? I think I have a real one here. He does this gesture often now, but will have a…… Continue reading In Which I Actually Answer A Question or Two

Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs

This is Peeko looking at me as I said to him, ”You are such a high class cat.” And the continued part I’d felt from yesterday’s post…What about how the people have treated me? What about sweeping judgments, even if not vicious, that they expect me not to react to, or in another case, silence…… Continue reading Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs