My Full Moon Party for the Flower Moon

I stepped inside the bedroom with my glossy blue paper box designed with silhouettes of some elegant people and around them an ornate golden border. Inside the box, I store the only two surviving handwritten journals of mine, one from a few years gone that was very hard to read but is fine to be…… Continue reading My Full Moon Party for the Flower Moon

A Line of Mine and Some Poems By Other Writers

You might find an understanding, a silent one, that after awhile you find to not really be silent and that took the time to find the words to find you. *** Kin To Sorrow by Edna St. Vincent Millay Am I kin to Sorrow,  That so oft Falls the knocker of my door——  Neither loud…… Continue reading A Line of Mine and Some Poems By Other Writers

Little Stirrings

The wind with the trees, with the sky, and a dream with an edge that goes well with the night.

Treasures I’ve Found

Painting Ideas I have three different ideas for paintings with imagined imagery and two have possible titles, and I won’t tell you about any of them in this post. The last time I set up, I was impressed with the clear wrapper I took off the canvas. The session was over even without me painting…… Continue reading Treasures I’ve Found

A Note For The Morning

‘Rumi tea’ with a splash of almond milk named by me after the poet Last night I dreamed I was looking at this tea cup of mine I had found packed away with others just like it in the garage. I had thought then, ‘I don’t think I’d really like to drink out of a…… Continue reading A Note For The Morning

Note For A Note

I was writing something about the joy of walking around with the knowledge of a round earth, not needing to try to not slip off the flat edge of it and how my heart holds all I’ve loved and expands, but having gotten swept up in the excitement of the idea, I felt my meaning…… Continue reading Note For A Note

Feeling Lighter

I feel light shifting, a shadow, and the shadow lifting, as I rest by the open window.Earlier today: She May Have Died Long Ago But We Can Still Collaborate 

There Is Something Lovelier Than All Of Spring…

..And these paths spring out, so many little paths I travel and wander and roam that excite me. I don’t adorn myself with someone or something else along the way; if I find someone fascinating, I will peacefully forget myself at times without effort, how I can be found in the spirals. Mist may be…… Continue reading There Is Something Lovelier Than All Of Spring…

A Light Rain, The Feeling of Thunder

The wind was picking up; I could smell the scent of rain as in the cool start of summer, ‘though it’s spring now. And then came a light rain. If there’s going to be a storm, let it be a good kind of storm.*Earlier: A Fairy Getting Something Ready

Early Evening

Are these violets? I wondered.And are they sleeping?(I knelt. I kissed them anyway.)Earlier today: Good Afternoon from Massachusetts