In A Dream

I memorized and recited my first poem today! I just found this poem by Anna Akhmatova and thought immediately, ‘How beautiful in such few words. I should memorize it.’ She was born in 1889, seems to be my time period.*In A Dream by Anna Ahkmatova Recited 

Ghazal Poetry: A Form That Lingers

It is National Poetry Month and so this may be a time to read poems that appeal to you.You might have read about the form of poetry called the ghazal on this blog, specifically by the poet Mir. One technique that ghazals commonly share is the repetition of a word or image. These repetitions make…… Continue reading Ghazal Poetry: A Form That Lingers

Reading Edna and Lines I’ve Remembered

Reading a poem by Edna. I feel like I could’ve been born in the late 1800s and shared poetry in the 1920s with people like her. Keeping that essence alive as I continue writing in 2021, a hundred years later.Reading A Poem By EdnaAn interesting thought I had, which lines of poetry have I remembered?…… Continue reading Reading Edna and Lines I’ve Remembered

Rumi And Shams: Living Room Reading

I planned to read poetry not until tomorrow, but Peeko was hanging out in the living room with me when I got back home and I thought he might like to hear some at this time. Some poems he’d looked annoyed and walked away mid-read or had knocked the book off the counter onto the…… Continue reading Rumi And Shams: Living Room Reading

Of Course, Rumi

I was sitting and thought, Yes, I remember you, Rumi, of course. It has been some time. I will read this poem of yours.Here, listen too if you’d like:Who Is At My Door? By Rumi