It Begins With An Aversion, My Confession

I like to start with telling some of my deepest feelings this way, that I have a confession to make, and this is a confession of an aversion or uneasiness that I don’t have actual evidence as to why I feel this way. I am not trying to solve a mystery, I know that’s not…… Continue reading It Begins With An Aversion, My Confession

A Note For The Morning

‘Rumi tea’ with a splash of almond milk named by me after the poet Last night I dreamed I was looking at this tea cup of mine I had found packed away with others just like it in the garage. I had thought then, ‘I don’t think I’d really like to drink out of a…… Continue reading A Note For The Morning

Healing, How?—My Personal Story

“Lighthouse”painting by me2013If you’ve been reading this blog this year, you might have seen me mention my own healing early spring this year and might have wondered from what I had found healing and what had helped me heal. I want to share this story because maybe you’ve had a similar experience or are going through…… Continue reading Healing, How?—My Personal Story