Capricious by May Ziadeh

A poem written by May Ziadeh under her penname Is. Copia from her first book of poetry, Flowers in a Dream or Fleurs de Reve (1911), translated by me from the French into English. When I’d come upon this book of poetry of hers online by surprise last May, I’d decided to read just one…… Continue reading Capricious by May Ziadeh

Immersed in the Prose Poetry of Miss May Ziadeh, from ‘Intimate Pages’

Prose poetry was the form author May Ziadeh was best known for in her own time, and which I myself noticed instantly as I’d read this particular type of poetry of hers how it felt supremely desirable. A few passages I’d like to share from Fleurs de Rêve beginning with the introduction of the prose…… Continue reading Immersed in the Prose Poetry of Miss May Ziadeh, from ‘Intimate Pages’

A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

“A Serenade” poem by Ameen Rihani from Myrtles and Myrrh (1905) The moon hath said her sad good-bye,     My sleeping queen; And all the stars are wondering why    Thou art unseen. Behold! abashed, they take to flight, As through the casement breaks thy light.                 Arise, my dawn, arise!    …… Continue reading A Serenade by Ameen Rihani