Tell Me About You

There might have been a small overflow of posts from 10 yrs ago or more come up in your email from the blog this weekend from when I was updating my WordPress plan…These were posts mysteriously restored and not an avalanche of relevant news, my apologies. I wrote this About Me yesterday to share on…… Continue reading Tell Me About You

Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

June 13, 2022 A beautifully unfolding novel I find myself at ease in the place and am amused to find myself sharing so many interests with the characters in this historical novel (set in Scotland about 1000 years earlier than our current time): Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King. I share with the characters interests…… Continue reading Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already


…as if I’d dreamed the tea cup, but found it first and remembered the dream in my own fancy when I received it and picked it up in my hands and looked… The design is just what I would wish…Green I often turn to and admire, green that feels like new sprouts and grass and…… Continue reading …*


*It isn’t always easy to know who will enjoy a certain secret with me or which one they may like. *If someone doesn’t like my secret it isn’t taken away from me then but it may feel like it. *Secrets are always safe in poetry and fiction. *I use the word secret lightly to mean…… Continue reading Secrets