After Poetry, A Portrait

Left to right: Ann (my mom’s bestie), My mom, and me in Massachusetts Conversations of coconut oil, free library cabinets, yoga, French breaded desserts, Italian restaurants and friendly waiters, a great aunt’s tea cups coming out of storage for display, and types of meditation. * Earlier: Finding Things You Already Had, With A Runaway Sonnet:…… Continue reading After Poetry, A Portrait

Blind Book Find

I believe my eyes had closed intentionally in this photo of mine…likely moved by music and great affection. * I found this novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss among other books as free book donations left locally some day a week into September if I remember correctly, and at the time remembering that…… Continue reading Blind Book Find

There, A Rare Photo

I thought my own conclusion of who’s who in the photo I would take out of this post ‘cause it’s unclear to me. I will keep my own photos that follow. (But translated names in the Wikipedia caption: May Ziadeh, Charles, Samia, Emily Al-Rihani.) Man to left looks to me like the author, Ameen Rihani;…… Continue reading There, A Rare Photo

Walk Into Day Darkness

Question: Am I invisible truly or am I shifting❓🧚‍♀️🌫😊 My prediction: This is part of indoor home construction. Fun fact: I can see very well in the dark, literally. Evidence: My husband Dan arrived home in the dark just after me too and I saw a truck outside, been some light construction noise today, sound…… Continue reading Walk Into Day Darkness