A Note for Any Time

This post originally was supposed to be an apology to the world living or dead…it still appears for me and should be that. Please forgive me. I move now toward noticing the quality of things we see each day, the whirring fan, the softness of clothing, flowers dressed as themselves with elegance upon a plate…… Continue reading A Note for Any Time

An Idea for a Sketch

But first, I’d like a new color scheme for myself, not these two tops together. I restore this photo from yesterday and learn from that. I like each top on its own. (…Maybe I like the tops now? Maybe a necklace.) The eraser doesn’t need anything changed about it, but neither is it pictured in…… Continue reading An Idea for a Sketch

Good Morning

I purposely sit nearest the morning sun in a new seat, with a cup, not my porcelain tea cup from home, and with green tea. I am painting a canvas, too…that has the colors and soft, caressing touch of a dream I would give to you as a gift, almost like a leisurely glide through…… Continue reading Good Morning

And I Hadn’t Gotten To That Part Yet

photo from 7/31/21 Yesterday, after I’d come inside from reading the novel, The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, beneath pine trees near my home in Massachusetts, when I continued reading the novel that evening at home after I’d written about my reading experience in my previous blog post, I got to this part: Well,…… Continue reading And I Hadn’t Gotten To That Part Yet

Reading on My Kindle Beneath Age Old Pines in the Late Afternoon Sun Near Home

I read on my Kindle amidst little scampering sounds…first, of a deer running away into the forest beyond the fence when I arrived on the other side of it; I said quietly, “Would you like to hear a poem?” (waiting)…”I have no weapons.” …And in that forest, too, beyond the fence, as I began to…… Continue reading Reading on My Kindle Beneath Age Old Pines in the Late Afternoon Sun Near Home

Memorable, Avec Musica

A really delightful surprise to come across another place for books to give and take, and I found two. 📙📙 I won’t try to name these now, but feel free. 😊 * Earlier Today: ‘Here Is Another’

My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

…From Brooklyn, New York, our ‘hometown’…to me in Massachusetts. 🍁🌳🍂We had lunch together and took photos inside while it was raining. “That is the look of a gentleman who should run his own art gallery,” I said, (snapping photo.) Peeko was glad to see his grandma again in person and had come nearer to greet…… Continue reading My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

Blind Book Find

I believe my eyes had closed intentionally in this photo of mine…likely moved by music and great affection. * I found this novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss among other books as free book donations left locally some day a week into September if I remember correctly, and at the time remembering that…… Continue reading Blind Book Find


letting my hair begin to dry in morning sun and atmosphere I find myself feeling replenished and my balance more restored with great help from God and others and myself in my gratitude, simplifying my project focus and goals beforehand, pure coconut oil left-in for hair and skin and aromatherapy (it’s a fruit😊), and a…… Continue reading Replenished

Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It

Art doesn’t only happen directly on the canvas or page; I learned that when I unwrapped a new canvas and noticed the plastic wrap itself, the way light influenced the look of its texture and color, and myself behind it, snapped a fun photo. That post was called With The Canvas’ Wrapping. By then, I…… Continue reading Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It

A Real Rest Begins…After These Photos

Let the rest for readers (and me) begin at last… But first, a few more from my photo series, ‘Not My Door.’ Not My Door But I Got My Keys Not My Door But I Got Here Anyway 🧚‍♀️ Not My Door But I Brought You My Junk Mail 😊🙏🧚‍♀️ 1…2…3…Watch me go! Be Back…… Continue reading A Real Rest Begins…After These Photos

A Morning So New

Here in my new spot to sit with tea in the living room on a morning with sun—tilt the chair beside the window, set down the cup upon the tea towel on the side table and be in the light. It’s a very sleepy morning, but a beautiful one anyway. The sky, how it looked…… Continue reading A Morning So New

Not My Door

Out for a late Friday afternoon walk with my party playlist. And there might be a flow of Nicki ‘Barbia’ Minaj and then Britney. 💃🔥🎶 And my spontaneous theme: (Find a clear spot for)… Not My Door. 📷🎉😊 * And now actually begins that rest I’d offered you… 🧚‍♀️ * Today’s earlier posts: Galilean Lullaby…… Continue reading Not My Door