A Rhythm of Yours

2 songs https://youtu.be/lq4bGpytfVY lyrics: WANDERING —by Courtney Hartman Your generous heart changed me Listening to the songs you sing About loving, imperfectly But loving just the same Singing, we can make a life of being free We can make a life of you and me We can make a life of wandering And the wandering…… Continue reading A Rhythm of Yours

Five Favorite Songs and A Recommended Tea

“Ain’t it crazy what’s revealed when you’re not looking all that close?” https://youtu.be/GQqkHsEAQWk Over the Rhine – Jesus in New Orleans 🔥💕🎶 https://youtu.be/ET9sVTJoFm8 Over the Rhine – Bothered …🌊💕 https://youtu.be/YRNyamyBOIQ Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean.. My own review of 🍃”Ali Shan”🫖 green oolong tea from Adagio: Sweet, dewy and refreshing! Takes you to…… Continue reading Five Favorite Songs and A Recommended Tea

Singing with the Morning Sun

I left out a good note when I posted this; I posted it for the essence of the moment, not for my singing! 😊 https://videopress.com/v/6NkNi8l2?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata A clip from this morning when I was singing “The Sway,” the singer-songwriter, Joan Shelley’s song, along with her recording…to Peeko as the morning began and he fell asleep so…… Continue reading Singing with the Morning Sun