Not My Door (Whilst in the Middle of a Good Book)

I finished reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte (1853) last night, felt I could remain within its mists even after the book ended, a ponderous read that I feel safe within… I took these photos on the spot yesterday early afternoon walking around after reading, was still in the middle of Villette. 📷 … Not My…… Continue reading Not My Door (Whilst in the Middle of a Good Book)

A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli

the moon at dawn Beginning the day with song, attuned to love, listening, maybe a little singing… 💕💖🌴🎼✨💃💗🎼🌴💖💕 Song starts at 1:00 I love all the lyrics as well, especially how the song gradually winds into full Italian singing, as if on a little gondola gliding over the water with the mandolin sounds and…… Continue reading A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli

Capricious by May Ziadeh

A poem written by May Ziadeh under her penname Is. Copia from her first book of poetry, Flowers in a Dream or Fleurs de Reve (1911), translated by me from the French into English. When I’d come upon this book of poetry of hers online by surprise last May, I’d decided to read just one…… Continue reading Capricious by May Ziadeh

“The Reddest Leaves”

Don’t talk about the dream aloud, so I see that little brown, glossy-coated bear running low to the ground and coming toward me in the solitary, unmoving morning air, beside the outside gate of the swimming pool, and in the dream, I consider, if I don’t glare at the bear, if I act kindly, it…… Continue reading “The Reddest Leaves”

The Moon’s Different Forms Tonight

… Before bed Through the window, the moon is now shaped as a soft golden-yellow chrysanthemum and then like little square windows painted all golden-white…the tears left, the face kissed… while in the dark. —Jade

“Who Knew”

Calm, I knew well, interlocked, entwined with mine. Superior, yet open always…first, that certain pale blue, the expansiveness that is close, contentment…Trust, feel safe with my soul-friend; I’d heard from others you looking down often, none of your little news, and mostly I’ve been looking up since I would look, meet both places, eyes meet…… Continue reading “Who Knew”

May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

library corner this afternoon by the window This morning I was very excited to take out the newest flower that had been pressed for a month in a closed book on the shelf (without me intentionally looking; one day I opened the book to read and happened to see it; placed it back.) 🤫It’s a…… Continue reading May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

Immersed in the Prose Poetry of Miss May Ziadeh, from ‘Intimate Pages’

Prose poetry was the form author May Ziadeh was best known for in her own time, and which I myself noticed instantly as I’d read this particular type of poetry of hers how it felt supremely desirable. A few passages I’d like to share from Fleurs de Rêve beginning with the introduction of the prose…… Continue reading Immersed in the Prose Poetry of Miss May Ziadeh, from ‘Intimate Pages’

A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

“A Serenade” poem by Ameen Rihani from Myrtles and Myrrh (1905) The moon hath said her sad good-bye,     My sleeping queen; And all the stars are wondering why    Thou art unseen. Behold! abashed, they take to flight, As through the casement breaks thy light.                 Arise, my dawn, arise!    …… Continue reading A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

“The Castle Tower”

The Castle Tower a pantoum by Jade Nicole Beals You’ve said I am entwined with the numberless. The castle tower trades its lace for the sky. All night, the tower climbs in secret, spinning its uppermost lace into the finest clouds. Please place your hands upon mine. The castle tower trades its lace for the…… Continue reading “The Castle Tower”