Wake Up, It’s Rumi’s Birthday

I walked out this morning, the sky just turning a lighter blue-gray with clouds cushioning the very top, rounding the sides of the sky, and I looked up, a slight bend back to see, and there I saw a crescent moon I’d thought Rumi might particularly like, today, on his birthday! ‘There, your birthday moon;…… Continue reading Wake Up, It’s Rumi’s Birthday

Autumn Returns by Pablo Neruda, Night Poetry Reading by Me in Spanish and English

A flight of geese I saw early one morning just before Fall The Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda was one of the first I’d read on my own outside of school assignments… reading his poems still awe me, even ones I’d read many more times than other ones. It was interesting how I’d picked up the…… Continue reading Autumn Returns by Pablo Neruda, Night Poetry Reading by Me in Spanish and English

Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs

This is Peeko looking at me as I said to him, ”You are such a high class cat.” And the continued part I’d felt from yesterday’s post…What about how the people have treated me? What about sweeping judgments, even if not vicious, that they expect me not to react to, or in another case, silence…… Continue reading Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs

A Sweet, Refreshing Beginning…

The literary salon begins with some blush… Yesterday afternoon, ‘Rumi’ black tea in a glass with a splash of almond milk. Autumn begins tomorrow…🍂😊 I send you my morning wishes and return to the salon with a cup of green tea and glimpsing the sky between sips as its colors lighten and merge… * Today…… Continue reading A Sweet, Refreshing Beginning…

A Blush for the Dawn to Match A Poem Later On

A blush in the sky through the pines… my poem comes to mind…I let this dawn blush and the feeling of my poem without reading it now, touch my face softly as if with delicate fingers… the paper’s folded ‘til later on…The moon’s in Pisces now and I smile because this time, even if almost,…… Continue reading A Blush for the Dawn to Match A Poem Later On

Currently Untitled

I began this poem last night, Tuesday and wrote a full draft this morning. I hadn’t picked a traditional form to try to write in, but some end line repetitions and couplets with some internal rhyme reminded me of a ghazal poem. It is currently untitled and also still a draft I am working on…this…… Continue reading Currently Untitled

What If?

I am in darkness trying to see the moon… I look up and it’s there, get my camera ready as it’s glimmering as a gold slice, and then behind a cloud it goes with perfect off-timing for me, so that I sit here (Am I sitting? Not really) with no photo. * Britney Spears, whose…… Continue reading What If?