My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

The still life painting, “Jasmine and Jewels” I completed, I’d been working on around the time of the medieval poet, Rumi’s birthday at the end of September from a sketch I’d drawn maybe weeks before. I’d shared a couple of favorite poems Rumi had written near his birthday, Sept. 30th ’21, and the first one…… Continue reading My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

It is the day, Dec. 1st, in my calendar; it’s been a month of a book I’ve had holding these newest dream flowers and remaining closed ’til this morning, these flowers found and preserved for author May Ziadeh, with affection, after the title of her first poetry book in French, a new delight of mine…… Continue reading All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal, and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

My Sorrow

photo sun. nov. 28, am more words from nov. 25th… Keep singing, Cara, start up a little warmth in me; it’s warm how I’d like it in the room already. I wait to drink my golden flowers, as the sunrise lights up my tears— I keep them out of my cup; I wish it would…… Continue reading My Sorrow

The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

This is the Ziade Palace where poet and author May Ziadeh lived (b. Feb 1886, d. Oct. 1941) in Lebanon. The green gate lead up to the upper floor of the palace and it was said May had lived on the first floor with the traditional balcony. These recent photos were kindly taken by writer…… Continue reading The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

A New Painting in the Making

(That you will hear of, not see in this particular post 🤫😊) I had forgotten to tell you, had only just hinted at…what my new leaf of choice to chew was: it’s parsley! 🌿😊And that discovery was such a relief and refreshment. I like chewing it more than basil and like the taste better for…… Continue reading A New Painting in the Making

A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

One new photo added Mon., Nov. 22This bedroom in progress has new recent changes shown today as it is becoming its fullest meditative sanctuary. There are books shown on the shelves you’ve not heard of yet and ones I’ve not read yet myself. And personal decorations, such as Dan’s father’s mother, Grammie’s corn husk dolls…… Continue reading A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

This is not simply a woman I am unhappy with, but much more than that; it is the way this woman lived her life…It was a long earthly life, too and hurt felt not by herself but by the other people hurt by her behavior that she justified with her gently poisoned perspective. Mary Haskell,…… Continue reading Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

A Great Dance Celebration

First song I picked…second, shuffle. ❓😊This is my 2nd YouTube channel just for yoga & dance. Moving around again!…with gratitude…sharing some positivity, dance & yoga for your day or night, may transfer to the page or brush. 😊✒️🎤🎨💌📜💃🖌 💐👑🎐😊💗 for May Ziadeh (choose highest quality) In support of #freebritney and a celebration of…… Continue reading A Great Dance Celebration

Pride and Prejudice… Pages Still Setting Free in my Hands

…Checks calendar for today’s date…✔️😅 Time ?🕰☀️⏳…Considers guest: Nah😉 In bedroom library corner, plenty of sky to see through these clean windows by me worthy of highest praise, tea cup from which I’ve just drank, just now empty, now too, pins in place the front pages that may come undone in my hands unexpectedly, ones…… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice… Pages Still Setting Free in my Hands

I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

…I still photoed it a moment outside on the balcony…I don’t feel frustrated as if it should show apart from the tree; it is sweet like that & even a little teasingly. I painted early evening…🎨I found so many new and different colors that complemented each other and could be part of the new painting…… Continue reading I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News :)

I came back home late afternoon yesterday (Mon.) Peeko this morning, after requesting his read earlier than usual, heard a favorite poem he likes to replay, “The Bean-Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. He sat like a hen as he listened to it, this photo above snapped just as he reclined relaxed afterwards, and I…… Continue reading Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News 🙂

A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration

This blog, Blush of Dawn’s ”original re-start up poet,” Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maine, New England-born author, b. Feb. 22, 1892 celebrates a Pisces moon today! (And I, too share this remembered moon.) 🌜 Just in time as the moon will soon move to Aries, I will share a favorite poem of hers from ones…… Continue reading A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration

Good Morning

I purposely sit nearest the morning sun in a new seat, with a cup, not my porcelain tea cup from home, and with green tea. I am painting a canvas, too…that has the colors and soft, caressing touch of a dream I would give to you as a gift, almost like a leisurely glide through…… Continue reading Good Morning

Line in Time for the Literary Salon

I said, maybe silent reading from me for your salon today and no comment, but I love the book and you knew the author, but we don’t puff the man up now, the novel The Book of Khalid is excellent. It’s still Tuesday, my darling. So…my screen shots: a novel with plenty of thoughts considered…… Continue reading Line in Time for the Literary Salon

Building A Bridge

photos & intro note Nov. 7 & 9th, ‘21 مي, It has felt to me that at the time I wrote this post, you were already building your own bridge…of which I did not yet know 🗝and I’d find my way there mid-May… I see you needed not build a bridge…you stepped through the waters amidst…… Continue reading Building A Bridge

Rippling On

Peeko looking happy and relaxed since I brought the plants inside this morning, and I could see that they were shivering when I greeted them ready for the day, and thought that they would feel good inside too and can stay indoors at home through the cold. Intuitively smart and appreciative of this nature, he…… Continue reading Rippling On