September Eighth, Safekeepings

Tues., Sept. 7 ‘21 My calendar showed me it was time to open the book with the snow-flowers and the rose, as I’d learned that flowers preserve more easily if the book that holds them is kept closed ‘til it’s time. The snow-flowers were like a mysterious gift taken off the stems at their fullness…… Continue reading September Eighth, Safekeepings

Looking Up into Heaven, Not Leaving Yourself Behind

an artwork I’d come across last year * Tea with God and many and you. 🙂 🎶 A song for today’s Catholic Feast Day: The Assumption of Mary into Heaven, with elaborate layers of prayerful lyrics, harmony, dynamics, and meditative, acoustic instrumentation. I find myself moved too, calmly and as if in a time, lifting…… Continue reading Looking Up into Heaven, Not Leaving Yourself Behind

Breakfast and a Poem

the sky at sunset last night   During moments of waiting in the day, I had learned more about translating poetry by rereading my own first attempts with online translators and by coming across a different poem yesterday that had been beautifully translated by someone else.   This is my own newest translation of yesterday’s…… Continue reading Breakfast and a Poem