I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

…I still photoed it a moment outside on the balcony…I don’t feel frustrated as if it should show apart from the tree; it is sweet like that & even a little teasingly. I painted early evening…🎨I found so many new and different colors that complemented each other and could be part of the new painting…… Continue reading I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

These are photos of her from these recent months. You might have met my mom first in my poetry—No, she wasn’t the mom in ‘A Daughter Says’ in Moonflower (2018), that poem’s situation was fictional, but she was very featured in ‘Renaissance’, the opening poem in my latest poetry book, published this Mar. 2021 A…… Continue reading Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

A Voice, Its Tone, Beauty Without a Case

A note just added as P.S. at 9:23 am after the ‘good morning’ glass picture. Words that hurt are not always an insult; they can be a cry from someone who is frustrated with the lack of real acknowledgment that something is wrong. But the other person may only choose to hear an insult to…… Continue reading A Voice, Its Tone, Beauty Without a Case


The morning moon above the pines. I touch the pines because you loved them; I’ve loved them too. I smiled at the image on my hand after I saw the photo, and I felt a touch back very much so in the moment. You don’t mind if these are even pines. Love for love and…… Continue reading Touch

Earth And Water

 Akaal by Ajeet Kaur (feat. Trevor Hall)An uplifting, meditative song including the singer from the previous post, Ajeet Kaur with a pleasant blend of genres and languages.Grass. Soil. Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Streams. Rivers. The Ocean. Lakes. Rain. Pisces. Scorpio. Cancer.Capricorn. Taurus. Virgo.*Courage isn’t the vanquishment or absence of anxiety, but the knowledge that something greater than fear…… Continue reading Earth And Water