Author of the Day: Anne Sexton, and I’m Home

What I like about Anne Sexton’s work is her ability to be herself in her poetry, to write honestly about her life experiences and feelings no matter how morbid, to draw from biblical images (at least I think she does), and to be bold and use the imperative.  I really like her imaginative imagery, especially…… Continue reading Author of the Day: Anne Sexton, and I’m Home

Honeymoon: Mountains, Evergreens, and Rain!

I am writing this from windy, rainy, but lovely Vermont where I am having my honeymoon.  The wedding (Saturday) went really well–my husband, Dan, is still working on the pictures.  There are so many!When I think back, I remember trickling water and a peaceful lily pond, smiles and tears, delicious food, laughter, holding hands, kisses,…… Continue reading Honeymoon: Mountains, Evergreens, and Rain!

Traveling Lightly to NYC

Tomorrow I will be leaving for NYC and will be without my laptop.  On the bus ride there, I plan to entertain myself with some lovely music on my pleasantly old iPod.  I’ll be listening to singer-songwriter musicians such as David Gray and Julie Doiron, ambient musicians like Hammock, Deuter, and Dean Evenson, and as…… Continue reading Traveling Lightly to NYC