Pure Fun, New Moon, Writing Notebook

Last night Monday…Peeko sitting in my chair with such pride. And he might show up at your job as your new Project Manager, you never know. Last week I could sum up with the line, Reason for Exhaustion: Writing sonnets all day. One Shakespearean. One Petrarchan: complex rhyme scheme sent me crashing by 4 pm.…… Continue reading Pure Fun, New Moon, Writing Notebook

An Accidental Scene and a Time of Reading

And this is why there are bookends, and more to come; this scene’s all accidental. I’d just looked through that charming row of books (…I have more bookends on the way!), including Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, after I’d just chosen my next book to read, which was Memories: A Story of German Love (1874) by…… Continue reading An Accidental Scene and a Time of Reading

The Official Site

You might see that this blog’s address is now jadenicolebeals.com, the official author site ;), but still with the familiarity and sentimentality of Blush of Dawn begun on blogspot in 2010 and revived late 2020, and so the domain is really the only change. I am moving toward my next writing project, and at the same time I…… Continue reading The Official Site

The Waves Rolled In…

This picture shows the copy I got from the library but it is on my wishlist as a book to keep. “The waves rolled in…and now come rushing in…with water luminescent as sea glass, stirring the far off, softest sand and what lies in between…”  This is not a quote from the book, but the start…… Continue reading The Waves Rolled In…

Free Book: A Haunted House Stories by Virginia Woolf

A Haunted House and Other Stories by Virginia Woolf (free online)This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time!The words following one after the other are seemingly random at first but they come together so clearly as you read on. It is not a scary book, which I enjoyed since I don’t…… Continue reading Free Book: A Haunted House Stories by Virginia Woolf