In Which I Actually Answer A Question or Two

from 10/5/21 Bringing lost posts back out of revision This Sunday evening before bed, Peeko looking at me, noting I look well, paw reaching with compassion, his job accomplished! Have you heard of Japan’s ’lucky cat’ figurines? I think I have a real one here. He does this gesture often now, but will have a…… Continue reading In Which I Actually Answer A Question or Two

An Important Note

I was sending my prayers tonight for many things: COVID cases rising, forest fires, Lebanon and ME trouble, and personal friends I’ve not been near. I sent food with some sales money from my poetry books to Lebanon tonight too in honor of May Ziadeh who loved Lebanon and its countryside and deeply shared her…… Continue reading An Important Note

Earth And Water

 Akaal by Ajeet Kaur (feat. Trevor Hall)An uplifting, meditative song including the singer from the previous post, Ajeet Kaur with a pleasant blend of genres and languages.Grass. Soil. Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Streams. Rivers. The Ocean. Lakes. Rain. Pisces. Scorpio. Cancer.Capricorn. Taurus. Virgo.*Courage isn’t the vanquishment or absence of anxiety, but the knowledge that something greater than fear…… Continue reading Earth And Water