A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli

the moon at dawn Beginning the day with song, attuned to love, listening, maybe a little singing… 💕💖🌴🎼✨💃💗🎼🌴💖💕 https://youtu.be/eiDiKwbGfIY Song starts at 1:00 I love all the lyrics as well, especially how the song gradually winds into full Italian singing, as if on a little gondola gliding over the water with the mandolin sounds and…… Continue reading A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli

This Is…

Humidity. This is the red flower moon full of… This is an anonymous lady shouting out, grilling, “Don’t be sorry, honey!” [to a man with her] of me, after there was no altercation, but only kindly manners, as he’d come quickly around a hidden bend, jogging toward my cart as I stepped aside, said I…… Continue reading This Is…

The Reddest Leaves

Don’t talk about the dream aloud, so I see that little brown, glossy-coated bear running low to the ground and coming toward me in the solitary, unmoving morning air, beside the outside gate of the swimming pool, and in the dream, I consider, if I don’t glare at the bear, if I act kindly, it…… Continue reading The Reddest Leaves

May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

library corner this afternoon by the window This morning I was very excited to take out the newest flower that had been pressed for a month in a closed book on the shelf (without me intentionally looking; one day I opened the book to read and happened to see it; placed it back.) 🤫It’s a…… Continue reading May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

Peeko’s Own Missive

Peeko is right on schedule with his meals and water from the fountain; he usually only sits here and looks at me by my teapot and kettle like this if I am late for tea and he finds I may need rest then and time to sit, but I am sitting having my tea ☕️…… Continue reading Peeko’s Own Missive

A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

“A Serenade” poem by Ameen Rihani from Myrtles and Myrrh (1905) The moon hath said her sad good-bye,     My sleeping queen; And all the stars are wondering why    Thou art unseen. Behold! abashed, they take to flight, As through the casement breaks thy light.                 Arise, my dawn, arise!    …… Continue reading A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)

Tues. Apr. 12, 2022 photo from Tues., Apr. 5th—“Pants by Peeko 🐱,” a perfectly good hemming this time, Peeko helping on his own when I got the pants ready (just ‘loungewear’, shown in previous post.) He was proud of both the task and his own joke: sitting like this holding the pants in place and…… Continue reading Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)

I Wondered if I Had Been a Bird

featured photo is a painting by Franz Marc, “Birds” (1914) I Wondered if I Had Been a Bird by Jade Nicole Beals for May Ziadeh (b. 1886 – 1941) I was very disturbed when what I’d found logical what could explain all this is that I could’ve been a bird before this. A canary, your…… Continue reading I Wondered if I Had Been a Bird